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Related post: Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 09:16:21 EST From: DT Subject: Rebuilding My HouseThe accident had left me in hospital for six months. It resulted in hundreds of thousands in my bank account, a few visible signs of the steel in my back and the ceramics in my right hip, and tons of physiotherapy to give me back my strength and my body.The money (or most of it) I spent on a house in the little town five miles west from my parents and friends, a choice I made so that I could become independent. I wanted to start again and petite preteens pics the site of the crash was the other way east from my family home, on a road I would really never ever need to drive down by my choice of a new place to live. I could forget that nightmare in one way.I started to work again from week six of being crushed between the dashboard of my car and fifteen tons of truck, producing more graphics from my hospital bed, pictures that had seen me never have a debt in my life, from the sketches of animals for parents of childhood friends sold as Christmas presents through to the promotional cartoons that helped my University Radio station become more popular than its much bigger commercial alternative in that grey crowded city I studied in for three years.The problem had been that during my convalescence, I hadn't recovered who I was and it showed up my work. So when my compensation money had started to arrive, I went into a spasm of guilt at my ordinary income going down to that of a nobody whilst I protected that payment for all my injuries. I don't mean the word `nobody' detrimentally to others, only to say that from being able to cater for any client, I was being rejected and the hurt was all my own creation (or lack of it) as everything I tried to produce was dark and dreary and of little or no commercial value.Two months holiday in Australia did me no good bar for one thing, and that realisation made me complete the decision to buy my house and then spend enough to create a bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen in its old walls, and an office where I could go back to producing quality design, rather than the stilted stuff that was not selling to all bar people who wanted that sort of thing, thankfully a few clients.This had all happened (my buying the house and having the renovation work started) in late Winter and early Spring over a year after my crash. Two weeks into my three roomed existence and with the warming up of the weather in early May, I was ready to finish what I started by moving away, just far enough so that I could find a boyfriend on my own termsI had `christened' the house with an old girlfriend called Sally, but that had been purely the need to be next to another human body after nearly two years of nothing, the sex something I had achieved maybe with a dozen girls without too much trouble from losing my virginity at age 17. A day on the beach a few months before, watching some perfect Australian guys playing volleyball had turned me to face what I really really wanted.Meeting people, other men, made me think first of the internet and dating web sites. However, I wanted to fall in love and to me that needed my life in complete order before I started looking, so my house had to be finished. I could not do that myself as my injuries meant my workouts were all about cycling, swimming and using a huge frame for stretches and bodyweight resistance. I could not compress my spine nor twist too much.More than the insides where the hall, the dining room, the lounge still needed fixing up, the front and back gardens were a real mess. I love being out in the sun and open air from being a child and a built up bungalow was nothing to consider in my house hunting until I had struggled through the brambles to find the secluded huge back garden with its big trees and so much room for having a green green lawn and a summer shed to turn into an office.My brother helped me clear the weeds with some weed killer spray that had left its mark in the form of a desert of four weeks of plants rotting away. The instructions from him were to not do anything until the poisons had gone so when the sun decided to be summer warm I was ready and itching to embark on a three month project where I could combine a big graphics design brief with managing getting the work on the house completed. The problems started with looking for help.The first builder who came to the house took five days to respond to my phone call. Standing next to his middle aged rough power, I realised that I didn't want to have him in my house for twelve weeks. Glancing out to the drive, the shirtless slob who would be his navvy was another reason not to reply to his quote but it sparked a thought about having builders I would enjoy looking at, as well as ones who were skilled nymphets preteen and hard workers were I to find them.That created problem number two as the only other people to reply were as old and looked like they enjoyed food and beer as much as the first possible builder to give them a pair of guts of equal if not bigger size, and they could not start until August. That meant looking for, to the point of spying on, builders with the thought of going up to ones I liked the physical sight of and asking them to come and work for me.I pulled that off once; going up to a guy checking an order sheet for the pile of bricks in front of a part new build, a man who could have been preteen brazilian bikinis a professional wrestler such was his physique. He accepted my story of being new to the area and having a similar project I needed completing then announced that he would be able to start in December, for no more than four weeks work. He was a bit too aggressive to me for me to even think about delaying things and I knew his price would be beyond my specific budget. He looked like he knew what his smile, plus the two navvies who were just as lean and almost as built as their boss, could command.It was on a perfect end of an early May day, having listened to a weather forecast which predicted a month of good weather, that I made another decision about my being gay. I was genetically predisposed to being creative so I would just find someone to do the work for me and I would do the styling and properly manage everything! Only I would not be the effeminate wrecks from the TV who made me want to hide my sexuality with real ferocity.My brother then came up with the idea of going down the Job Centre to find someone there, or rather to ask for a kid who was the younger brother of one of the two men who were doing his garden. All this relationships linking took me walking just round the corner from where I now lived to where I could meet my brother's landscapers finishing off another job and discover why I should start the proposed charade. It took me a second to decide that if this younger brother was anything like as good looking as the god before me, then he could work for as long as I could afford to keep him on.`Go down the Job Centre and put an advert up for someone with landscape experience ^ he's done lots of building stuff as well', said the shirtless look a like of a slightly flabby tall Brad Pitt standing in front of me.`You'll get some scabby bastards. They let you do an interview for a job like you've got. What is it, 250 a week for 12 weeks?'I nodded and had to push my sunglasses back up my nose so that he could not see me staring at the slabs that were his chest, part covered in little hairs and with big soft nipples set either side, soft through the heat. His biceps rolled around on his arms as he worked.`Derry is the man for you. He's my cousin', said the man as he shovelled earth into a barrow from the pile on the road, `He got some girl up the duff last year and he had a job back in town until they went bust. That was last week and he needs to pay his money for the kid real regular, or else she gets really shirty1'`Oh', I replied, `Does that mean he can't see the kid, if he doesn't pay?'`He doesn't want to see the little brat. Its just like its mother, spoilt, and if it becomes the lying cow she is then I pity it', laughed the man, `He just wants to lose his virginity so that he doesn't get this piss taken out of him and he ends up with all the trouble you could ever want.'`How old is he?', I asked, suddenly imagining a 16 year old who was just being foisted on me.`He's 20. He isn't no little kid!', replied the man, standing to full height to signal some sort of offence, `Don't worry. If you are looking for a hard worker, with lots of knowledge, then Derry is fine for you. He's been working for four years. I'm not saddling you with a little rat!'So two days later, with the temperature dropped by about 15 degrees and it tipping down with rain all day (despite what the weather forecast had predicted), I had posted a job at 10am at the local Job Centre, had a phone call with an interview list sorted out by midday and art pic preteen was then interviewing at four in a damp, cold partitioned office with no windows. Derry was last in of the twelve `candidates'. There was one I liked the look of but he had smokers fingers and looked really shifty all the time, just like a couple of my school friends who had blown their brains up with dope.Derry wore black track suit trousers, a sodden long grey coat and had a woolly hat pulled down over his head. He looked like a farmer's hand, big round face and wide lips, thin long eyebrows, a few curls of hair poking out from under the hat, his neck hidden by three shirt collars pulled up to his jaw, and two huge dimples adorned his cheeks.He sat down and leant forward, pulling out the tooth pick from his lips that had made me think of farms, offering me his hand. The handshake was soft and firm at the same time.`My name is Derry', he said, settling his face in his hands which were supported by his elbows on his knees as he leant forward from the edge preteens love models of the chair`You do landscaping?', I asked. Derry nodded, his eyes keeping on mine in a gentle sort of way.`You do bricklaying?', I asked and Derry nodded again`You do decorating?'That was it for the interview questions.The third nod left me with the quandary of employing whom I was told or having to accept one of the technical old men who had dominated the first few candidates, or having to lie somehow to the Job Centre staff about needing better candidates and going away to re-plan.I gave Derry the job there and then, not prepared for the lecture and leaflets on Health and Safety and my responsibilities straight afterwards, a badgering which kept me in their offices until five o'clock on the dot. Like all jobsworths, they had to go when their time was up, off in an instant. So three days later, the sun had been out since I woke at 6 and I was standing in my long shorts in my kitchen, finishing off washing up my breakfast cutlery and looking at the clock as it moved towards 9am when Derry was supposed to arrive.I had finished my hanging and stretching routine half an hour before so my body was buffed up and my shaved hairless chest proud. I had already sat outside in the sun for twenty minutes reading the paper and was warmed up nicely hence the kitchen door being open.There was a knock on the frame of the door.`Hi Mr Jones', said Derry, standing sheepishly half in the door, half out.`Its James', I replied.`It's a hot one already' said Derry casting his eyes quickly up and backI finished up at the sink then looked back over to him and he was starring at my body.`Yeah, sorry but you will have to get used to me being like this', I laughed, `Come the Summer and I am just in my shorts for months on end!'Derry blushed. He looked at me again for a few seconds.`Can I take my top off?', he asked, slightly meekly, `I'm like you, I enjoy it ^ when its warm like this.'`Of course you can!', I replied, `You can just come in your pants each day if you want!'I looked over to him. His curly hair was sticking up at the sides and he had on a baggy tank top and a pair of black running shorts which barely held his big thighs. His right hand went to the bottom of the top, grasped it nervously and lifted up the cloth.In just a glimpse of his body I knew that I could look at it all summer. Derry was struggling to get the top over his head using just one hand, so exposing a great big rib cage with lots of muscle covering the frame. A little bush of hair was there in the cleft of his upper arm and chest. The abs were prominent even under the layer of slight fat and skin which was more obvious when he finally pulled his shirt over his head and let his hands drop to his sides.We looked at each other for a moment before Derry broke the ice.`You look in really good shape ^ are you going to help me out?I smiled, `I had a car crash two years ago and did some really bad stuff to my back, and my hips.'I turned to the side preteen and pretty so that he could see some of my scars, with my normal slight shuffle rather than rotation`I can't lift heavy things nor twist properly. I will help where I can but you are going to have to do the heavy stuff. This (I looked down at my abs) is all about lots of physio and special exercise. Mind you, you look like you will be able to manage!'Derry smiled and then quick as a flash he raised his arms up and did a little muscle pose with his biceps, pretending to kiss each one. All I could think was how great his chest looked as even when stretched, as his pecs had a little bit of a flop in them. His torso was long rapidshare preteen boy and dead straight and his hips just seemed to flick out to grab his big thighs. There were six little saucers of abs above where a wispy tail of hair went down into to the low slung shorts.`The deal that I have told the Jobs people, is that you are on a week's trial and you are going to get 250 a week, if you are OK, for the next twelve weeks. If you are what I want I'll give you another hundred a week for a bit of overtime if you can do it plus as a sort of bonus that they don't need to know about.'`They won't come out to visit, not here. I know them lot', said Derry, `So you won't need to follow all the Health and Safety rules in this booklet, and the stuff that they lecture you on.'He had picked up the leaflet I had been given and was waiving it round.`You can work without your top, like I said, whenever you want. I've got you some suntan lotion though and I've brought a canopy for when its really hot, and I've things like a hard hat, and a proper first aid kit.'`I've got one of the bright vests of my own, just in case, and you are supposed to have a toilet I can use', added DerryI laughed again at how we were talking about this serious side of giving someone a job. I pointed to the toilet door outside.`Look, if ksyusha preteen nude you are what I need then you'll get lots of lunch and tea and coffee all day, and we can have some fun whilst I try to do my first design and styling job but I'm all for any advice you can give!'Derry moved forward, offered his hand cp preteen gallery and smiled ^`Thanks for the opportunity ^ I won't let you down! You've never done anything like this before?'`Nope!', I replied, `Come on, lets show you what I am planning and then you can tell me what's right and what's wrong. We can start outside as the weather is good. This lot are all the books and catalogues I've been going through.'I showed Derry my box of information sat in the corner of the kitchen, and then made my way towards the kitchen door. As I walked towards the door, Derry seemed to wait for me and put himself into the space created by my raised left hand and arm to the door frame (which, to me, was a normal human action to guide someone) without me actually then putting my arm around his shoulders.`You want to turn this place into something special?', was his question, his words coming at me from barely a couple of feet away so that I could smell his breath, which was fine. He seemed so friendly that the day was just getting better and better.We walked around my more than quarter of preteen soft porn an acre of dead weeds, grass and probably some good plants who were just about surviving from the attack of chemicals, with me pointing at areas where I said I wanted various things, like actually some plants and where I wanted the shed that I wanted to be an outside office, and the possible swimming pool.`You can afford a pool?' he asked, hands on hips with his very slight belly sticking out.`No, not at the moment but I'm on a bonus for a job I'm doing which is enough to hire a proper digger'`I'm going to need one, just a small one, for putting in the drainage and the cables for the shed, the Summer house, this week, because it's a job that has to be done really before anything else', responded Derry, `There are about 150 for a day ^ two days would be enough.'`I've one booked for Thursday and Friday ^ it's the only time this week they could let us have it', I said.`You know a pool is more than just digging a hole?' added Derry.`Yeah ^ but the job is a good one so I can afford the materials'`Can you show me some stuff, some of your work?', asked Derry.I took Derry clambering over the rubble back to the patio where I had my lap-top set up under a big umbrella and flicked onto the portfolio that was going to pay for Derry, and possibly the pool.Sitting down, I eased myself across the chair as much as my back would allow me so that Derry could see the pictures. He put his hand on the back of the chair to support him, brushing against my right shoulder and then leant over my left shoulder to put his other hand on the table, saying nothing but now offering his body smell to me and by turning my head slightly, the view of his chest in real close-up as I sat between his outspread arms. I sat and smelt him, with quick glances to his flesh looked at him, whilst he studied my work.`Wow!' was the word that eventually came from his mouth, `You are really really talented.'Derry stood back up and I eased my chair round. I looked up to him with his hands on the back of his head showing me his body is all its glory as he breathed in and out. I tried to keep my eyes on his. His chest and his stomach went wide and back, not white and not brown skin but just perfection.`I've had a bit of a shit time just recently and this could be the thing that gets me back on track', said the god in front of me, slowly moving his hands down to cross them over his chest, `Don't usually get style in houses I've worked on, just what some poof or old slug reckons is class.'I laughed at his joke.`You want to start in the garden then?, he asked.`Yeah, sure. What do you want to do first, mark things out?', I replied.`I need to make up some pegs. Is that wood over there OK', said Derry, pointing to what I had left against the garage door, a stack of square timber.`That's the stuff and all the tools are in garage, plus some marking aerosols and the canopy.'Derry went over the garage and came out after inspecting my investment of a few hundred pounds in anything electrical and sharp that I found the week before.`Good quality stuff you've got. Its all I am going to need but I am going to need you for an hour or so, once I've done the pegs', said Derry, a small axe and knife in his hands.`Just give me a shout', I replied moving myself back in front of the computer. I did not look out at Derry for at least half an hour as he worked, trying not to think about how sore my balls were from what seeing his body had done to me in the first few minutes of meeting him. His remarks about gay designers were the first `no' from someone who was so comfortable with his body and being that close to another man that it had raised my expectations and my manhood of what could happen.After about thirty minutes, he came up from behind me and put a hand on my shoulder.`Its hot out there. I am going to need you for maybe thirty minutes but I could do with you 100 preteen nude sticking some of this on me as I'll get burnt without it', said Derry, sticking the bottle of factor 25 sun lotion on the table in front of me.I stood up as he turned to offer me his back. Carefully I poured a big pool of the sunscreen into the middle of my right palm and slapped it onto his shoulders.Derry pushed his muscles into my touch which was not cursory. I did the job as practically as I could and when I swiped my final stroke just into the waistband at the back of his shorts, nothing about his response made me feel wrong. I had just touched him for a good reason.`You next', he said, putting a hand on my shoulder and pushing me into turning away from him, `You need to be careful.'He did just as I had done and he did not stop for a moment when it came to my scars, which I was more than pleased with as they were still prominent. I turned back to face him as he smothered his chest, then his arms and his legs. It did not seem wrong to watch as his fingers slid into his flesh, leaving little hand and finger marks for a second or two. It was fine, for me, when he stood and watched me as I did the same.We spent more than an hour getting really hot. It was a chance to watch him as he knocked in the pegs or drew circles on the ground or stood making shapes with his arms for angles or curves and with my sunglasses on I could take in everything about him, including his face.He wasn't handsome not that he was ugly. I was crossing off my list of what I wanted from a man and the physical aspect of being turned on was supposedly not my number one factor so listening to him chat and talk and liking his smile, really liking his smile, was helping me raise my hopes that I would not need to go into cyberspace to find a man.At lunch he accepted my offer nn preteenn models to not have to go to the nearest shop and to help me with a mountain preteen model preteen of sandwiches with some lemonade and bottled water that he watched me prepare as we talked some more.`So my brother dumped me right in it. It's a pretty shit thing to do to tell anyone who asks when I lost my virginity', he muttered with his hands pushing him up and into the side of the kitchen sink as I washed some salad.`If it helps, it was the same for me', I replied, being just as honest, `I never had time to think about girls. I was always too much into sport. I was 17 as well, when ^'`Is that why you got lots of money, for the crash, because of the sport?' he asked, pushing his chest through his arms like an excited kid once again`It was one of the reasons. I have had to work really hard to get back to looking like this, sometime so hard I would cry because it hurt so much. It still does hurt but I can almost nude preteen move pretty well and everything works. It will be different when I am 40. Then I will have to have some more replacement stuff, if I haven't had my hip done in maybe four or five years.'Derry looked stunned.`Physically you look fantastic. It can't be hard getting girls when you look like you do', he said, his voice slightly muted as his eyes ran over me.I laughed as I chopped away.`I didn't have anyone when the accident happened so there wasn't a chance that I could find out if they really loved me, like girls can do, when I was getting better. It was a lot of time getting smelly sitting in bed, on my own. That took loads and loads of time and when you don't have a pelvis, because its shattered to bits, then when girls come to see you they are a bit put off. Its all working properly now. Its just my back which is all nuts and bolts which I need to keep working on and if I move slowly then no-one knows.'Derry took a sandwich from the plate I offered him and stuffed it into his mouth. When it slid down his throat he wanted more answers.`So how long were you in hospital?', was his first question.`It was a few months. I bust my leg as well and that didn't heal well and they had to make sure that my spinal chord was OK. Thank God it was.'`What sports can you do?', he asked, `What about getting into a fight?'`I don't go looking for fights and if I do find someone who wants to hit me then they need to know I was a boxer when I was a kid, with quick hands'.I demonstrated some flashy punching with a sandwich in my hand, sending tomato pips onto the kitchen window. We both smiled at my clumsiness.`Everything is really strong; it's just that I have to make sure that I don't make things worse from now on. I really want to play golf because preteen vagina photos all my friends do and I was a really good skier. I spent half a year in Austria when I was 17 skiing every day.'`I wish I could ski', muttered Derry, ham poking out of his mouth as he talked whilst he was eating.`What about you?', I asked, `Loads of my friends don't keep fit.'`I just look like this from working really hard, digging!', he spluttered, `I just eat like a pig to keep me refuelled. I do play a bit of football. That gives the little bit of extra'With that he grasped his stomach, just above his shorts and proudly showed me a round of flesh. It looked really soft and I had to ease myself into the kitchen unit to hide any problems in my pants.We had stopped for lunch at midday. After sitting and chatting a bit more, Derry announced he was going to dig up a couple of apples trees which had been just stuck in the old lawn. He took out a big saw to cut off the branches before he said he wanted me to help him put up the canopy so that he could dig in shade in half an hour or so. I went back to work in the shade.A few minutes later and he was back crouching down next to me and dripping with sweat and covered in green dust from the trees, especially on his forearms and over his hands, and with sap splattered everywhere`Can you just slop me up quickly?' he asked giving me the bottle of sun tan lotion, `I will have to wash myself otherwise and I have got the mood to get on with it, but I am frying out there.'`Where do you want?', I asked.`Just my back, my shoulders and can you do my chest?'My heart stopped I think then I thought I jolted forward when it began beating again. I was trying to stay calm and not succeedingI started on his back, wiping away the sweat with a towel I had next to me before covering him in cream and liberally smoothing it in to his skin.He turned round and firstly I wiped his shoulders. He lifted up his arms and let me at his underarms areas and then to wipe off his chest and his belly. I looked at him wanting to say something. He just sort of nodded and with that I filled my hand with cream and started on his shoulders and upper arms. I moved across to his chest. I can't remember much only that he did push himself gently into my touch on his pecs and as my hand arrived on his belly, he blew that out so that I was smoothing across a section of a sphere. He laughed. I laughed. My hand slipped up and over each of his abs ridges. When I reached his waist I just made a final swipe with my hand across his waistband once again, like on his back.`There you go! Go get that tree!', I laughed again to try and relieve any tension. He did not see me wipe my oiled hand across my chest as he walked away as some sort of souvenir.Half an hour later and he was back in the shade, unpacking the box of poles for the canopy sitting next to me and my laptop. He went to talk to me only to notice that I was busy so with a jump he was out in the sun again sticking parts into sockets on the uneven rubble that was my back garden.With two corners tightened and preteen top50 girl the frame started, the third took some manoeuvring because of the really up and down ground conditions. I sensed he needed my help so I got up and clambered down to him.`Thanks', he said, `This need to be tensioned so can your grab these two bits and hold them tight into the socket. It will mean reaching up for a bit. Are you OK with that?'I nodded and grabbed the two side bars pushing them hard into the upright and its socket, facing into the centre of what would be the covered area.Derry went behind me and reached up over my back. I jumped slightly at the touch of his skin on mine. Even though he was slightly taller than me, he could not tighten the bolt and a hand rested on my shoulders after a few minutes of trying.`I need to come round the front. Just keep them tight!', said Derry.He slid round me, really close, giving me another waft of his body odour, now including lots of his sweat. I liked it much too much and when he was pushing himself up in front of me, I had to hold my hips away from any possible contact as I was fully erect. I could not prevent our chests from firstly touching and then our bodies rubbing together whilst he flung the ratchet round and round to do up the bolts. I just thought of the worst thing that came into my view, to try tender preteen titties and clam my mind. I stared at my dustbin.`That's that one done', said Derry to me. I was still holding the cross members together, even thought they were now well and truly fixed, and did not notice the hand on my ribs, rested there for a few seconds, `Lets do the other one quick so that you can give your back a rest.'Derry had scurried across the turned up sods of old grass and was fitting together the last post to the top frame with his back to me leaving me a second to re-arrange myself. I faced preteen fashion ass out this time and went back to the position with my hips well back, actually hurting my back or maybe just straining it. He came round to my front. I smiled and then kept my grin so that he would not know how much I was enjoying his body on mine again, and taking in his scent with every breath whilst trying to open the dustbin bag in my mind. His chest and mine swept against each other probably twenty times. I think I counted every one.When I sat back down, I went to wipe away the sweat he had left on my chest. I felt like one of my old girlfriends who had not washed her breast when some no-hope of a pop star had been in a club we went to and she had asked him for an autograph. I just starred at the dirt and the sheen and pulled my chair into the desk.At five twenty Derry left, completely drained and wet through from the sweat and effort of pulling up the two apples trees, even under the shade of the canopy that had made my dreams that were released when I got into a hot bath.I looked at the streams of my spunk that were spread throughout the water, released with just a few touches of my cock. I had on the edge of the bath the last of the eight bottles of mineral water I had bought two days before. Derry had swilled down six of them over the afternoon, the last one half poured over his body to cool him off before he used the towel that was sitting on the chair next to the bath to wash himself down and dry off. My first souvenir of him was full of his scent.What had been just daydreams to make my private stimulation was now there in a man that I had coming to see me virtually every day for the next three months. Or was it just a dream, a fantasy? Would I make a mistake? I thought I would not sleep that night but I was so wrong. Day 2I woke preteen twat pics late and was in some sloppy shorts munching on toast when Derry came striding round the corner, shirtless and wearing the same black shorts as the day before although they looked washed. He was whistling loudly and in tune and was smiling as wide and his mouth would allow.`Hi Boss', he chirped as he knocked on the door before walking straight in to the kitchen and planting himself kiddy preteen bbs next to me as I stood against the kitchen sink, in his favourite pose of hands on the edge of the unit and his chest pushed through the uprights of his arms.`You look a bit sleepy!', he said with a inquisitive smile.`I worked late', I replied, `Then I had to go late night shopping for more water and food for you! You ate me out of house and home.'`Just keep me fed and watered and I go on and on, like a good car', said Derry, `I was talking with my cousin and he has had a chat with your brother when he was doing their garden. He says you were in a really bad way and that how you've done since is a bit of a miracle.'I saw his gaze on my body, in its softest state from me just having woken up.`It was pretty bad. I'll show you some photos of the crash sometime but they make me upset sometimes so I need to be in the right mood. You lie there with tubes and plasters and you are in bits and you can never see things being back to where they were.'Derry put his hand on my shoulder.`You should forget about it because you are built, really built', he said.`Can I have some toast?', he asked.I was surprised at the sudden switch from support to his question. I started to take some toast and butter it, at the same time looking at him.`You've started to get a good tan from yesterday', I said, glancing again and again at his belly all brown and slightly ridged.`I love just being in my shorts. You do have to take `precautions' when you are out in the sun but like you, I just leave everything else in the drawers when ukraine naturist preteen its warm. Its sort of changed recently. People were staring at me when I walked up here from the bus stop', he said.`If you have got it, flaunt it!', I replied, laughing, `I always was running around as a kid and when I was all weak and damaged, I just wanted to get back to where I was as a kid. I never cared a damm about what people thought.'`Where do you live?', I asked, `You had to get the bus to come here?'`I live in town. Can't afford a car so the bus, or my bike, is all I have. Its too far to cycle but the buses don't run when you want then. That's why I am really early', replied Derry.I looked at the clock and realised that it was barely 7.30. The sun was warming the kitchen but it was all too obvious in the tight little nipples that sat either side of his chest that he had cooled down from his walk to my house. I just didn't want him to cover up and he seemed to recognise my thoughts as he went into his hands on head pose as he talked me through what he was going to do today. This mutual display was making my balls go blue after just a few minutes in his company.`I want to clear up everything that I can get out easily'I flicked my eyes to the ribs sticking through his skin, to the little bushes of underarm hair, to the belly which went in and out.`Then I will have a go in the front garden putting all those slabs in the skip. You are going to need another one by the end of the week when I've started using the digger. That is coming on Thursday, isn't it?I nodded rather than talked as my mouth was stuffed full of toast. Derry mimicked me by filling his face. We chomped for a few minutes until he decided to work and I went and got changed.Derry had not worked himself too hard when I came back down from my bedroom and was waiting for me with the sunscreen in his hands.`You can slop me up?'. He asked with the sun silhouetting his form behind him.`Sure', I replied taking the bottle and making him turn around.Derry shrugged his shoulders as I rubbed the cream into his shoulders. As I moved down his back he lifted his arms so that I could slip my touch over his sides. I went to the bottom of his back. He preteen ho pics reached round and flipped over the band on his shorts, exposing a strip of white flesh and the top of his crack between his buttocks. I put some more cream on my hand and carefully wiped across, allowing my fingers to slide inside the fabric on either side.`Can you do my legs', asked Derry, twisting his head round to catch my gaze, `I'm always crap at doing them and I always get burnt there.'I smiled back at him and refilled my hand, crouching down as quickly as my back would allow.There before me were his thick hamstrings, covered in fluffy but thin hairs. I simply gulped to myself and placed my hand about two inches from the bottom of his shorts, my fingers tingling with the touch. In my sport as a kid I had been submerged in rugby scrums but this was different, very different as I was now being able to feel a man with his permission.My hand swept upwards and down. I took in every striation of his muscles. Running my fingers to the back of his knee I pushed gently inside the tendons then I used my thumb as a guide line down the middle of his calf. With another movement I went up the inside of his leg, stopping a few inches short of his buttocks. I refilled my palm gliding pedo illegal preteen along the outside of the girders attached to his body. preteenmodel nn The other leg was more sensory stimulation, with a couple more touches I hoped he didn't notice.`Thanks', he said as I stood up. He took the bottle from me and quickly covered his shoulders to my relief as I felt myself blushing.`You've gone all red', said Derry watching me trying to cope with a couple of beads of sweat running down my forehead.`Its just the bending down' I muttered as the quickest excuse I could come up with, using the back of my hand to wipe my face, `I haven't done my exercises this morning so when I get stiff, I find things a bit stressful.'`What do you do, to warm up? Your exercises? Can I watch?, Derry asked, almost pleading with me.`You really want to see my exercises?', I asked for confirmation.`Yeah ^ I want to get some tips', laughed Derry, `I'm a bit fat.'`That's just the shape you are, your genetics', I replied.`It would be good. Go on. Over lunch?', pleaded Derry.`Ok', I said, nodding my head down.`You don't do them naked or anything?', said Derry, his eyebrows half way up his forehead..`I've been naked in physio rooms for most of the past two years. No. I will keep my shorts on for you!'Derry mock punched me on the shoulder.`I'll get going then', he said s he walked down to the garden.There were water breaks every hour and I `booked' lunch for 11.30 as Derry had started early. I gave him a `menu' of chicken or ham and he chose chicken which was good as I had left the ham at the counter the night before.`You going to show me then?, said Derry, wiping himself down with the towel I had given him for this day's work.`It will take about twenty minutes, if you want to watch the lot. You can bring in your sandwiches, if you want. I won't eat for about half an hour afterwards.'Derry picked up his plate and came with me as I went upstairs to the big back bedroom in the extension. He glanced into my bedroom through the open door to the front before following me into my torture room, as I liked to describe it.As Derry ran his hands over the exercise bike I went to by the window and facing away from him I took off my shorts and then slipped down my pants, picking up the neoprene like shorts I sometimes wore. I was usually naked. If I kept on my pants, my `package' was likely to be exposed.`That's another big scar', said Derry from the other side of the room. I held the shorts across my cock to turn slightly towards him so that the extent of the red line could be seen.`Its where they patched me up the first and the third time', I replied, pulling on the shorts quickly and happy that my shaft was fairly flaccid so that it slopped into the shorts.Derry sat down on the bench in front of my circus built contraption which had been my best ever purchase from a manufacturer in the US. He watched me carefully as I strapped on the waist harness, its cross groin links of fabric pushing out a bulge of rubber like cloth over my cock.I clipped on the support cables, moved back into position and then locked down the raise lever. Derry gasped as I was pulled six inches into the air.`This is great for my spine', I grunted as I swung myself through 180 deg so that I preteen beautiful fantasy was upside down, `I use these supports for hand stand press-ups.'With that I supported myself on the two bars that could be clipped in place at the foot of the frame and proceed to do thirty hand stand push-ups, my body a rock of muscle to support me just like a gymnast. I then flicked my legs into the `U' shaped ankle grabs so that I could demonstrate how worked my legs against resistance for another set of repetitions.`You should be in circus', said Derry, leaning forward with a long glance at my really taught abs and hipsI then picked up a pair of dumbbells from a platform to the right and showed how I worked some smaller muscle groups.The sun was bathing my body from the side window so I burst into sweat as I flicked myself back upright and reached up to flick out the pull up bar. Once that was locked I then showed off with 50 reps using various grips. The last few reps were a struggle. Derry jumped up off his seat. He had watched my body intently throughout, all my sinews showing through my skin`Don't worry. I'm OK. Just showing off!', I panted as I swung myself up again to demonstrate my finishing abs and back stretches. I could see Derry as he watched my abs working as hard as I could make them. His eyes were wide, like his mouth.My abs were proud and hurt. I had worked them much too hard, without the control that I prided myself off from Day 1 of a lecture from my favourite physio.`Jesus James!', said Derry and with legs bent, I managed to get myself back on my feet and flicked the release from the wires so that I landed on my feet with a bang, stumbling forward into Derry. I undid the clasp on the waist harness letting that drop to the floor.`Looks like you forgot to do up your shorts', cried Derry.The waistband was half way down my hips, so that my pubes were exposed together with the end of another of my scars. They weren't terribly bushy because I kept them under control with clippers but they were very visible.`Oh, sorry!' I muttered, quickly pulling them up and trying to tie the lace inside them.Derry's hand held my arms as I gathered myself together.`I don't want you to help me in one way, but when I see how hard you have worked, I want to say come and "do whatever"', whispered Derry, still with his grip firmly on me, `You going to show me how bad it was?'I nodded and took Derry over to the stack shelves in one corner, pulling out my photo album from the bottom of a number of books and magazines. I gave them to him and took a huge swig of water from a bottle I had brought with me.Derry opened up the book and went to the first page. He gasped and leant himself back onto the seat of my bike. When he turned to the next page and saw the worst pictures of my crash, the dashboard of my car with my blood everywhere, his hand went to his mouth. It took him a minute or so to cope with me in my hospital bed about two weeks after the crash. I could see the tears in his eye.It was a picture I hated but had kept because my mum had brought my dog into the hospital room through a side door and she was sitting on my bed under my arm as I weakly smiled at the first happy thoughts after the crash.He laughed sadly when he came to me standing for the first time, my vest hanging off me.`I was told you nearly died!' blubbed Derry, `And this just looks so bad I keep on thinking I am here with a ghost!'`You don't need to cry', I replied offering my hand to his arm.`Your brother told my cousin that he thought you were gone for, for days and days. He must have done a good job on my cousin, who is normally a really hard bastard, because he kept on telling me that going to work for you would be inspirational. I thought I was coming to work for a cripple before the interview. Then you look normal. Then when I came in yesterday you do look like a normal human preteen dog sex being even more. Then I find out what's difficult for you, I see your scars!'I was feeling much stronger now and tried to reassure him.`I don't mind the scars. I can cope with going through security in Airports and getting pulled up every time. All of me works and I have a life which shouldn't be any different to say you. I don't hide away what I look like because bar being a bit canted backwards, I can do anything I want, just about. Come on. Let's go. I am paying you to work so you'd better get on with it!'I let Derry go first down the stairs and back out into the garden. It was clouding over and really humid and within minutes he was completely wet through with more sweat as I tapped away on my computer writing up a brief for some more work. Even exercise with my fingers made me start to glow. I had not intended to take the job but I wanted Derry for more than 12 weeks so the money would give me him until at least September.The first clap of thunder made me jump. I had been so intent on getting the work done for those extra weeks that how angry the clouds were was a complete surprise. Grabbing my laptop I rushed it into the kitchen as the first downpoor started.`Come on ^ come out here!', screamed Derry from under the canopy.I ran through the rain to where he stood, one hand holding onto a rope around the canopy roof struts. Without flinching I let him just sidle over to me and rest his raised arm on my shoulder so that his damp armpit was flush against my shoulder.`This is going to be a cracker', he laughed.`Do you like storms?', I asked, `Only isn't it a bit dangerous to stand under metal like this?'`This isn't going to get dangerous, not just yet', he replied, `That's due early on this evening. You up for getting wet?'`Why?', I asked.`I am going to need you to help me just mark out the lines we made by making a little trench. It will fill with water overnight and just means all that mucking around we did yesterday won't go to waste.'Derry reached away from me and stood on the blade of a spade, hard enough that the handle sprung up into his grasp.`You get on with using this one!'With that he was off running across to my garage and I was left with the spade. I looked up into the sky and huffed a deep breath, then jumped out and started hacking at the nearest line to me, its marking power from the aerosol used to mark it already forming a weak soup in the dirt.Moments later and Derry was by my side as we chopped into the rapidly watery earth. It rained hard enough for a few seconds so that we had to gulp for breath. In twenty minutes we had finished the job and were back standing soaking my kitchen floor.`Oh shit!', stated Derry, `Its 5.20 and my bus goes in three minutes.'`I can give you a lift home!', I answered.`No thanks. You need to get dry and take care of your back. I can make it if you give me a lift down the road', replied Derry, drying himself with a towel.`Come on then', I said, `I'll just grab you a top and something to put on the car seats.'I rushed into my wreck of a lounge and pulled up a couple of the dust sheets from the floor. One the way to the kitchen door I rummaged in my fresh laundry to grab a jumper. To get into the car we both had to get wet again so that as I reversed out into the road, we were almost steaming,`Great car this', said Derry as he wiped down the windows on his side of the car with the freshly washed jumper, `I'd love to have a Mini.'I was too intent on getting down the road, trying to make the bus but as I turned onto the main road, I pointed out that we had missed it.`Look, there it goes. When does it stop next because if it isn't very soon I'm taking you home.'`It stops in the next village, Wellingford!', replied Derry.`I'm taking you home!', I stated and within minutes I had overtaken the bus and was well on the way. The rain went away and the temperature rose quickly so that we had to have the windows open once again. We looked at each other and laughed at how wet we still were.`Do you want me to come tomorrow if its still wet?', asked Derry.`Of course', I replied, my cock instantly pining at the possibility of not seeing him, `If the weather is bad any day then you can start in the house. Will it matter about the digger on Thursday is the weather is shit then?'.`Nope. I can do that stuff in any weather and the more it rains the better. Look, we are just coming into the bypass. If you go round at the next roundabout and stop and let me out, then I will run down the path over there. It will save you time and me because with the traffic like it is, I'll get home in about five minutes, rather than the ten or more if you go any further', said Derry, pointing to a path between to big hedges as we sped on towards the traffic.Following his gaze nearly made me crash into the car in front and I upset a couple of other drivers by not signalling that I wanted to go all the way round the roundabout. Pulling in, Derry was out of the car in an instant.`Bye boss. See you tomorrow early on', he shouted. I just sat watching him run across the road, his bottom bobbing up and down with his running style which was lots of knees to cope with his heavy work boots. I smiled to myself then pulled out and drove home.Wednesday and I was up before 7, making up two lunches, one for midday and the other for 3 in the afternoon. It was cloudy, a lot cooler and less humid but I had washed and pressed my long shorts from the day before and still felt comfortable being shirtless. I just wanted to be myself for my new friend. If I offered him the chance to keep looking at my body then I kept thinking to myself that preteen girl spanking the friendly physicality would continue and hopefully go further. If it didn't then I would still get most of what I wanted.The kitchen door was shut so the knock was indistinct and with the radio on, I didn't hear Derry as he came in. He had on a white vest and long tracksuit trousers.`You're not too stiff from yesterday?', he asked, eying me up and down.I smiled at his friendliness and nodded, my mouth full of cereal.`You want some?', I asked between mouthfuls.`Yeah. What have you got?', replied Derry, `You want me to start indoors? Its still raining a bit and really until the I get the digger I won't be working as efficiently as I can out there.'He stuck five Weetabix in one of my biggest bowls, topped it up with milk and loads of sugar and followed me into what I wanted to be my lounge.I went to the wall that divided up the lounge and the front room which was sold as a dining room.`I want to knock this through. My architect says that there is already a good enough beam across the ceiling and that this wall is just some block work. He says the support is in the Dining room. That's got a couple of pillars about two thirds of the way down it which are under the front where the bathroom is.'`We should probably put one in anyway but I can sort that out', replied Derry, `Hang on, I just need to get comfortable.'He put his bowl down on the floor and with both hands crossed to the waist of his vest, he whipped it off over his head and threw it onto the floor.`Got to get my nips out if you are going to flash your bod at me!', he laughed, flexing his pecs so that they fluttered, `Got to have some real man on this job.'I just stared for a second.`Do you want to start on that or do we need to sort out the walls?', I asked, glancing down at his body which was as soft and as very slightly plump as it had been any time I had seen it.He marched over with his bowl under his mouth, shovelling in his breakfast, stopping right next to me so that our elbows touched.`I wouldn't want to do that without the support to go in', gobbled Derry as he smoothed a free hand over the wall that was to come down, `You said "we". You want to help me because all that a far wall needs is plastering and I saw you've bought loads of the stuff we need in the garage?`We would need to get the loose plaster off this side', he went on, `and the ceiling is a bit dodgy but I might try a bit of knocking this through so that any vibrations don't upset the other work we can do today.'`What do you want me to do then if we do some plastering?', I asked.`You are going to get dirty preteen underage naked and sweaty so you need to go and get some old shorts on whilst I get the stuff in from the garage', replied Derry.By the time I had gone upstairs and changed, there were two buckets in the middle of the lounge surrounded by bags of plaster and Derry was playing with the mixer bit on my most powerful drill, an implement that had cost me nearly 200 and was my pride and joy.Derry threw me a bolster. He picked up my other prize buy, the biggest sledge hammer I could find.`I'll take a few knocks at this', he laughed, `You've got the house insured?'I couldn't answer in time before the metal smashed into the brick. In seconds the floor was covered in fifty bricks and Derry was shrouded in dust.`You just get that stuff off your wall!' he said before throwing the hammer at the wall again.By the time he had left an almost circular hole between the lounge and dining room, and barrowed out all the bricks, and tidied up, I had just about removed a big patch of loose plaster from where the kitchen butted into the lounge.`I'm going to show you how to plaster, once we have got you knowing how to mix it!', said Derry.He took me over to the buckets and firstly made me measure out the plaster powder and then the water.`Watch how this baby works!', he exclaimed as the drill started spinning slowly in the powder and water. In minutes I was the proud possessor of a bucket of perfect plaster.Derry filled up his board and then went through all the techniques for the next ten minutes before offering me the board and the trowel.`Its your turn!'I filled the board and went to the wall, ready to try to match the perfectly smooth start Derry had made. My efforts were a disaster.`Come on, let me give you a hand', said Derry.He came up right behind me so that by turning my head I could see him smile as he grabbed my right wrist and then sliding himself into me, his chest sinking into my back. His left hand slipped under my arm and then grasped me across the chest, just on my ribs`I know you are a bit stiff', he laughed, `Maybe in the pants department as well.'`You should fancy yourself a bit more!' sweet bald preteen was my response. I was stiffening rapidly.`I just need to get you moving with the wall', continued Derry, making me slap a lump of plaster onto the wall with all the assurity he showed.He made me sway across the wall leaving a perfectly smooth stripe of plaster then showed me how to fill the gap between his own work and that he was helping me with. I could feel his heartbeat throughout and when it was all over, I tried to remember whether his groin was pressing into me. I couldn't. I had just had him holding me tight to him and I could remember nothing sensualI gave up as the plaster went off too much and under instruction, we started what Derry described as a couple of hours of torture. It was very hard work, even just keeping the plaster coming by having to hold the drill upright in the buckets I made just about quickly enough to satisfy the plastering machine that was Derry. By the time we were past the fireplace, we were both drenched in sweat and Derry was breathing heavily.`This is what a plasterer really looks like', he laughed, pushing his trousers down half way over his buttocks. He was not wearing any underwear. His arse was pure white skin with a grey shadow of a crack running into his trousers.`Do they have ones as big as this!', I joked, lifting up the drill as if it was attached to my as my cock as a huge extension, letting a few dollops of plaster drip into the bucket.`You've got to have a big one to be a plasterer!', replied Derry.He turned to me and through the fabric of his tracksuit bottoms he seemed to grasp a great roll of his shaft. I just stood with my mouth open until a lump of plaster hit me in the face.`Stop staring at me you perv!', cried Derry, `What have you got us for lunch?'Back in the kitchen, Derry did not seem any different if he had been taken aback by my looking at his last joke in any sort of strange way. When I took out the plate of sandwiches and perched myself against the kitchen table, he came and did exactly the same, so close that our arms touched.`If you can take us down the builders' yard, I am sure we can get a lintel for you and then I can finish that off in there ^ at least getting the support in. It's the best thing!'`I can't get something like that in the Mini!', I replied.`We can get it delivered. Its preteen latvian models just gone twelve now and if we get it done before one, then we can get it delivered on the afternoon lorry. It will be a one off items so they will chuck it on top and if I prompt the delivery driver, we'll definitely get it quick', said Derry.`Lets go then', I replied and we rushed off to my Mini.Halfway to the car, I stopped on the drive, `Don't we need tops?'`Builders walk into there like this every day of the week and if you haven't looked at yourself recently, you look like you've been Tangoed ^ you are orange from head to toe from all the dust', replied Derry, `You look like a builder!'I shrugged my shoulders and got in the car. Derry put preteen sex galerie his window down all the way and with elbow sticking out he pushed his body into the cleft of the seat and the door, moulding himself into the niche. As we sailed through towards the trading estate, I turned on the radio and the sun poked its way through the clouds. I felt a little punch on my arm and turned to Derry to smile back at his touch. I was having the time of my life. I pulled up next to the front door of the builder's merchants and took out the twenty pound note that was all that I had left in my wallet. Derry thought it would be enough and I had to stare as he sauntered in through the doors, his hips going up and down in his familiar way. He was back in a couple of minutes, running.`What's gone wrong ^ have you robbed the place?', I laughed.`Naw', replied Derry,' Its seventy quid ^ sorry but I never priced stuff. It's the latest technology, the one I reckon we need but its not *****.'`I can't come in like this!', I replied.`Don't be a pratt', said Derry, coming round to my door, `You look like the most built person I know and you aren't going to get looked at by anyone bar Jeannie on the counter.'`Who is she?', I nudist preteen children stuttered.`She's a middle aged big old bunter who would give you the ride of your life! Come on!', laughed Derry.I dragged myself in through the doors shoulders hunched over and up to the counter where silently I gave over my credit card. Hiding my face as much as I could, I signed and walked straight out back to preteens modelling nude the car, making it obvious to anyone that I wasn't happy. Derry took his time and when he finally got back into the car, he went mad like a friend should.`What gives with you? You curl yourself up in a ball and you skulk in there looking at your feet. You are a good looking guy and covered in shit like you are now, you look just like a builder', he shouted, `No-one was looking at you in any sort of funny way.'`I've never been here before. I still get a bit sort of frightened sometimes. Come on, I want to get out of here', I replied, turning on the engine and slamming the car into reverse, nearly going straight back into a van that was just coming into the yard. I burst into tears.`What's the matter?', shouted Derry.`Nothing!' I replied before I drove like a madman back to my house.Derry prodded me a couple of times on that journey. He said nothing though as my tears flowed so much that they stained my body and when we arrived back at my house, he left me when I strode round to the back walking in front of him.I went into the kitchen and got out my laptop on the kitchen table`You carry on with what you can without me', I said as I made my way past him and out onto the little redhead preteens patio to my favourite chair. I had to go back for a cushion to sit on and once I was installed with the computer on, I heard the sound of Derry finishing off the wall as I starred at the screen and tried to see icons through my continuing tears.Eventually I managed to open a couple of files and peered at them for what seemed like hours. My trance like state was broken by the sound of a lorry coming to a stop outside the house and Derry came over preteen moels to me on the way out to collect the lintel, putting his hand on my shoulder in some form of reassurance.I heard him come back in, knocking the fence with the girder. I heard him drop it on the concrete behind me. Then there was nothing. I went back to peering at my computer.`Come here!', whispered Derry.He was standing next to me and when I turned to look at him, he crouched down and then went to his knees in front of me opening up his arms and asking me to go into his embrace.`I went upstairs to check. I saw it on one of your photos. It was one of their lorries that crushed you', he whispered and I shuffled myself off my seat so that he could pull my head next to his. My tears streamed down my face and onto his back as he pulled our chests close.I could not lean into him as much as his grasp tried to pull me to him because of still being almost sat down so he eased himself back and put both his hands behind my neck.`I can't imagine what it was like', he whispered`I was trapped for six hours', I blubbed, `They just couldn't get me out.'He took his right hand away from my neck and wiped it across my cheek then under my chin.`I've only known you for a couple of days but you can cry anytime and I won't think you are weird', he top preteen pedo gently laughed, `And I'm a 20 year old who hasn't got a lot upstairs and fuck all life experiences. I wasn't ever good at anything.'`The way you are going at the lounge I`ve started thinking that its only going to take you a week to finish the house', I answered. I wasn't ready for what happened nextDerry put his hands under my arms, into my sweaty armpits, and lifted me to my feet then into his embrace. He pulled me tight to his body so that his big deep breaths pushed his ribs into me through the slabs of his muscles and that layer of slightly flabby skin that made the experience even more of my dreams. My cock was stirring against his thigh then when he held me on the bottom of my back, I could sense it moving against his bulge. I had to break his grip.I did so smoothly so that there was a space between us and pulled my grip down so that we held each other at the elbows. He leant his forehead towards mine and I responded.`Don't think I've been in this situation before, thinking of a boss as a friend, someone I care about', he said through his own little tears.`I am really embarrassed', I replied.`You shouldn't be. You are a bit of a gem in my books', laughed Derry, a hand moving onto my chest, `Now come on and get yourself inside to help me.'He pulled me by the arm into the lounge and left me there, to finish filling the wheelbarrow with bricks. As I worked away I hear the creaking of the double doors to the garden.It was pouring with rain again and under one arm Derry had my laptop wrapped in a plastic sheet. He had the lintel in his other hand and was dragging himself through the bush that had grown up in front